Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*

I'm a designer* living in Vermont.

I'm mostly focused on how design can help transform democracy.

My first career path was as a music producer under the name Spektrem. The most lasting success from this period is my song Shine.

I eventually left music behind to work on political campaigns and in government.

In 2020, I formed Democracy Creative as a platform to explore creative solutions to the challenges of democracy, bringing together my creative and political backgrounds.

I've been a self-taught designer since I made my first website at 12. Today I view songwriting, music production, UI/UX, art, and pretty much any form of creation as a variation of design. I'm always learning new tools, but to me the most important things are the essential ideas of creativity that hold true across all of them. More about that here.

Today, I live in Burlington, VT, where I run Democracy Creative.

You can contact me at

*One who engages in the process of bringing ideas to life.