Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*
All Too Soon
Spektrem Song
Producer + Songwriter + Vocalist

In a Dream was my first song, and at the time, a big success for me. All Too Soon was the follow up to that.

It was also the first song released under the name Spektrem. Originally, the name was Bassment Bros. But my managers, who had found us online after In a Dream, thought that name sounded too college-y. They were probably right.

But Spektrem was forced. I chose it, but no one ever loved it. Including me. It just sounded ok, and we could get all the social media handles. At the time we were rushing to pick something so we could keep releasing music.

All Too Soon was also the first of my electronic songs that I sang on. There was this tension back then of whether or not I should sing on my own songs. My managers wanted other people to sing — i.e. people who were better singers than me. Their suggestion wasn’t entirely misplaced. While I can improve it with Autotune, my singing is not amazing.

But I felt then, and still do, that it’s often better for the person who wrote a song to sing it. What you lose in vocal perfection, you gain in a special quality that comes through when the voice is the writer's.

While All Too Soon never blew up, later on, my most succesful songs featured my own voice.

The original video of All Too Soon I posted on YouTube when I released it.