Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*
Audio Polaroids
Pieces of unreleased songs, woven together into an album
Producer + Songwriter + Vocalist

A year after I thought I had released my final song, I ended up putting together a compilation of song pieces I had never released, woven into one cohesive album. Like a collage.

The album artwork is an art piece by one of my favorite designers, Stijn Van Hapert.

To me, this painting captures the emergence of your true self, the creation and discovery of it, through a process that is wild and unpredictable. That was the essence of Audio Polaroids. So I asked Stijn if I could use it for the cover, and he gave me permission.

Each song on Audio Polaroids is paired with a short poem that attempts to get somewhere near the lesson of the song through words.

Audio Polaroids

once upon a time
in a world preordained
you found something surprising
and it changed you

I. one man can have two faces

you have no one sized up
in a minute
or in a lifetime
they will always surprise you
but the most surprising one of all
is yourself

II. anthem of new school

the moment you are secure
as the new generation
you are already being destroyed
and will be obliterated
with little warning
and no remorse
by the strange one that follows

III. story of the summer

we pursue
with desperation
that which reminds us we are not alone
and we find it
when we accept
that we are

IV. moment v memory

joy in the moment
but later
a memory tinged fondly with pain
though nothing has changed
but you

V. staring at the world

don’t be fooled
there is far more suffering in the world
than what you see on tv
and far more good

VI. out of this dark

the leader of the greatest army
even he,
when no one is looking,
questions his course
and wonders
if he has the strength
exactly as you

VII. hope

hope comes and goes
to have it is to remember
when it seems gone
that it will resurface
it has never left
and you have only forgotten

VIII. somewhere like mexico

you are not judged
by number of dreams realized
but by amount of hope shared

IX. miles above you pt ii

flying high in your mind is nice
but better to come back down
and break stones here on earth
than to clutch clouds in your dreams
for handfuls of nothing

X. i will return

i will see you again
in a different form
or in a different universe
but until we meet again
there is more