Jesse Paul Warren
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Spektrem Song
Producer + Songwriter + Vocalist

While Dirtybuzz is one of my least listened-to songs, it’s also probably my favorite.

It was my first venture into something outside of the standard 128 BPM tempo dance music. It was similar to dubstep, but also very different. The drop is heavily inspired by Rage Against The Machine. It was actually a guitar riff I wrote in high school that I translated into electronic form. I always wanted to make big, epic songs like Killing In The Name or Wake Up. Something you'd hear Tom Morello play over a half-time drum beat. So I tried to do it on my laptop, without a band.

In the beginning of the song, there's a sample from Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles. I think of Dirtybuzz as a cross between Tomorrow Never Knows and Killing In The Name.

People told me back then that Dirtybuzz was the song that made them realize I wasn't just making surface-level music, but was doing something deeper that was real and artful.

So even if no one ever listens to it, I’m still proud of it, and it’s one of my favorites.

The artwork was variation of Banksy’s famous “Love Is In The Air”, modified to be throwing headphones instead of flowers.


The high school recording of the guitar riff that I turned into the "Dirtybuzz" drop.


The drop I turned that guitar riff into. In contrast to Shine, Dirtybuzz was shared by almost no one. This version shared was by a tiny YouTube channel.