Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*
Jesse Paul Warren
a designer*
Art In Politics
A booklet exploring how art can impact political and social change.
Designer + Writer

This is a booklet of quotes related to how art and creativity can affect political change. They are organized into 5 categories, or "Five political problems that art helps us solve."

I made it to help gain support for the organization I was starting at the time, then called "The Institute for Art In Politics." That organization eventually became Democracy Creative.

John F. Kennedy said that the connection between art and politics was easy to feel but "hard to explain logically." I have found this to be true. After writing and rewriting a long essay about the topic for months, I eventually scrapped it, and felt it would be better, at least for the time being, to simply present these quotes in a way that might inspire others to connect the dots themselves.

You can download a copy of the PDF below.


The booklet was a collection of quotes, arranged into five categories, or "Five political problems art helps us solve."


I wrote a short description of each category. Other than that, I just presented and arranged the quotes.


There were 27 quotes in total. One day I might make an updated version with new quotes I've collected.

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