Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*
Jesse Paul Warren
a designer*
Love Is Limitless
60 individual wooden panels painted together to make a single art-piece. Distributed to family and friends.
Designer + Artist

These were 60 small wooden panels that I painted together as one piece, then broke apart and sent individually to family, friends, and acquaintances for the holidays.

Expressing love like this was not all that comfortable for me. It was a personal challenge but I knew it was the right thing. Life is series of moments where we can either give in to our fears, or do something great despite them. I don't always take the better path, but I try. And the small wins, like this, add up.


Each person received a panel like this, 1 of 60.


This video shows some clips of the process. I glued a small version of the full painting on the back of each panel, and highlighted which piece that person received.


The full piece, before it was broken up and sent out.