Jesse Paul Warren
A Designer*
Miles Above You
Spektrem Song
Producer + Songwriter + Vocalist

Miles Above You took me longer to produce than any other song, about two years. I tried so many versions before it finally clicked. It was by far the most intensive production I ever did. It felt like it would never end.

Spending two years on a song is exactly the kind of thing everyone around me wanted me not to do. But looking back, I’ve never regretted a project that I spent extra time on getting right. I still listen to the details in that song and feel a sense of pride. To me, that’s the best thing you can hope for: to look back years later and be able to say “I did good work.” Everything beyond that is mostly out of your control.


I tried many different versions of the song. Here's one which had a very different drop. This is my friend Mike goofily dancing to it during a studio drop-in, along with two other short clips I found from the time I was working on it.

I later turned this version into Miles Above You Pt. II on Audio Polaroids.


When I was writing music, the first audience I was thinking about was not a big crowd of people dancing, but the younger version of myself: listening to music on my headphones, feeling left out, and like I didn't belong. I hoped my songs might give a kid like that a boost to make it through, the way other peoples' music did for me.

So the most rewarding thing is stuff like this: a boy performing Miles Above You at a fundraiser for Autism Speaks. I don’t know anything about him, I just found the video online.


We released Miles Above You through a startup I co-founded with two friends, called Skyris. The album art you see above is P
a representation of a physical art piece we sold, called a Skyprint. It was a black sleeve that held the actual album artwork.


While the Skyprint sleeve is used as the album artwork on Spotify and other platforms, this is the actual album art that was inside the Skyprint. Designed by LA designer Rosco Flevo.


A video showing the unboxing of a Skyris Skyprint for Miles Above You.


Miles Above You was also published by Argofox, another Copyright-free music channel. It remains one of the most popular songs on their channel today.